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Amanda Kent McCarthy

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"Songwriting is my first passion. Singing falls hand in hand with my love for creating songs." - AKM

Hailing from somewhere between the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Amanda Kent McCarthy will probably strike you more as a Texan than a New Englander. But don't be fooled. When she's not writing songs, or recording in the studio, she can be found hunting or fishing in the great outdoors, engraving metal,  pinstriping motorcycles, or riding her custom Harley Davidson. At 26, she fuels the good old fashioned country music fire with songs like "Honky Tonk Heart". And she stands her ground with "Got a Gun". She's not afraid to break apart from the mainstream country music wave. "I don't write my music to follow any guidelines. I don't care if it's what sells or not, somebody somewhere will want to listen to it, and that's who I'm singing for," she says. Her roots are derived from artists like Waylon & Jessie, David Allen Coe, and Steve Earle. Amanda has been writing songs and singing since the tender age of 6. "I don't remember what I used to write about. The songs probably weren't that great. But we have to start somewhere. I feel as though I grow with my music, or it grows with me. I plan on writing and singing for the rest of my life."



Bad Habit - Music Video



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